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marine tie rod/anchoring system for sheet pile shoring

tie rod / ANCHORING system manufacturer in india
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Tie Rod/ Anchoring System Manufacturer in India, for Sheet Pile Shoring, Retaining wall, 


Looking for a Tie rod / Anchoring system manufacturer in India? Look no further than NOVSA! We are a leading manufacturer of tie rod systems, and we offer a wide range of products to choose from. Our tie rod systems are made from high-quality materials, and they are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and safety. We also offer a variety of customization options, so you can get the perfect tie rod system for your needs.

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 We manufacture the following Tie Rod Systems

1) Tie Rod system for Marine Structures / Tie Bar system for marine structures

2) Tie Rod System for Retaining Walls / Tie Bar System for Retaining Walls

3) Tie Rod Sheet pile / Tie rod/bar for Sheet pile anchoring/tie rod for sheet pile wall

4) Tie Bar / Anchor Rod for sheet pile Quay wall system

5) Tie bar threaded rods for other applications


Tie Rod or Anchor System

Product Name Tie Rod, Anchor Tie rod, Tie Rod Bracing System, Anchoring system
Steel Grade S275 , S355, S390, S430, SY295, SY390, Grade50, Grade55, Grade60, Grade 70,  A690, ASTM A307,  ASTM F1554, Q345. Grade 460, Grade 500, Grade 550, Grade 600, Grade 650, Grade 700.
Standards AISI, ASTM, BIS, DIN, GB, JIS, EN10249, EN10248,JIS A 5523 and JIS A 5528, ASTM A328 / ASTM A328M
Diameter 22mm, 24mm, to 38mm, upto 100 mm
Length up to 12 meter
Surface treatment Black, Epoxy coated, painted, or galvanized
Trade terms FOB, CRF, CIF, and EXW are acceptable
Application 1) Temporary wall, maintenance wall, and retaining wall.2) Radar rangefinder, slope, ramp road.
3) Shipyard and sound insulation wall construction.
4) Road and railway tunnels.
5) Civil works of waterways: maintenance of bridge foundations, flood control embankments, and waterways.

Tie rod / Anchoring system Manufacturer from India


Secure Your Excavation: Unleash the Power of Tie Rod Systems for Sheet Pile Walls
Building robust retaining structures? Look no further than tie rod systems for sheet pile walls. These ingenious solutions add vital stability, enabling you to tackle ambitious projects with confidence.

What are Tie Rod / Anchoring Systems?

Imagine invisible tendons holding your sheet pile wall upright. That’s the essence of tie rods. These high-strength steel bars connect the wall to anchoring points outside the excavation, resisting the powerful lateral forces that threaten to topple it.

Why Choose Tie Rod Systems?

Unmatched Stability: Say goodbye to buckling and bulging. Tie rods provide exceptional reinforcement, allowing you to excavate deeper and build taller with peace of mind.

Versatility Unbound: Whether you’re facing challenging soil conditions, uneven loading, or complex geometries, tie rods offer an adaptable solution for diverse project needs.

Cost-Effective Strength: Compared to other bracing methods, tie rods often deliver superior value. Their efficient design minimizes material usage and installation costs.

Sustainable Solutions: Minimize environmental impact with reusable tie rods. Unlike timber struts, they won’t require frequent replacement, reducing waste and preserving resources.
Unlocking the Potential of Tie Rod Systems:

Expert Design & Engineering: Our team of specialists will custom-design a tie rod system tailored to your specific project requirements, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

Top-Quality Materials: We source only the highest-grade steel and components, guaranteeing durability and unwavering reliability in even the most demanding environments.

Seamless Installation: Our experienced technicians implement your tie rod system with precision and efficiency, minimizing disruption and maximizing your project’s momentum.

Ready to take your excavation projects to the next level?

Contact us today to discuss how tie rod systems can bring unparalleled stability and confidence to your sheet pile walls.

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